Your problem is your intention

When trying to form new habits or get started with a task we often focus on the action that needs to be taken. “I have to get up at 5am”, “I have to get this report written”, “I don’t want to get all this washing done”. This may even take place hundreds of times a day and it can certainly become exhausting.

Something simple we can all do to transform this perceived never ending cycle of things we don’t fancy doing is to consider the intent behind why we are doing each of them. “I am getting up at 5am BECAUSE I intend to improve my life and remove stress from my day”. “I am writing this report BECAUSE I intent to open up new opportunities to a career I really love”. “I am doing all this washing BECAUSE I want to look good for my date and I want my kids to be happy in clean clothes”. I don’t have kids and any dates I personally have are with my wife, but you get the idea.

We are all too focused on the task at hand instead of the intent of it. Sure, not everything has a good intent at the end. It is not about being a ‘hippy’ and trying to say that everything is great. But more often than not there is always something being improved (even marginally) or adjusted by every action you take. If you can tune in to your own intent you’ll start to see it in others too and ultimately you really will start to see your days improve.

I have written this post because I genuinely want you to have a better day. This is what gets me up early at 5am every morning… and I used to hate mornings. If I didn’t have you to write for, I would absolutely still be in bed. Thank you.

Word of the day: Momentum
Meaning: the force or speed of an object in motion, or the increase in the rate of development of a process:

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