Where now?

The most driven, certain and happy of us can hit a point in time now and again where we wonder, ‘where next’. Typically this is spawned from a sense of uncertainty but can also come from discomfort about having to do something tougher than we are used to.

Worse still is that we often ask ourselves for the answer. Given we are the person asking the question this rarely results in a smart, sensible or anywhere close to perfect outcome.

If you’re hitting this point the quickest thing you can do without even having to interact with anyone is consume information from those who are most likely to have a solid answer for you… or something close to it. Read books, read articles, listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos, email the authors, email friends or contacts you’ve not spoken to for a while. All of these are viable routes for getting some much needed perspective.

You can of course ask closer friends or your family. This can be a viable path but it often comes with too much emotional attachment. They want you to be happy, and often they may not fully understand your particular struggle point. So while they are invaluable for getting additional thought, perspective or perhaps validating your own conclusions I would always recommend trying to get input form a more neutrally emotional party as a first pass.)

One thing I find helps me when I struggle with ‘where now’ is to write out all the possible destinations. As I read, listen and talk I keep a note on my phone and/or paper that collates all the possible next steps. When I feel I’ve got all I can (or a little more than enough) I can hold those paths up to my purpose and more times than not am clear on where to tread next. If I still have doubt, I then reach out to family and friends.

The most important thing is not to put off making the decision. Hesitating, delaying and ignoring almost always compound an issue. Even if your decision is to take a painful or scary path, it is much better for your mind and health to put your energy into progressing down that path rather than hiding from deciding which way to go in the first place. More often than not, you’re avoiding what you know to be the inevitable.

Stop hiding from choices today. Get informed. Pick your path. Feel better.

Word of the day: Decisive
Meaning: Having or showing the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively.

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