Be a problem solver. Not a problem.

When was the last time you looked forward to someone complaining to you about something? It struck me recently that as a society the majority of us appear to be wired to see, feel and create problems. From complaints about lack of time and resource, to politics, to home life, to the lives and people we see and interact with on social media. There is a need to ‘take people down a peg’ or see the worst in people and situations. While this isn’t everyone it’s a noticeable trend overall.

I am not a ‘hippy’. I don’t align myself with spiritual beliefs. But I do believe many of us could be doing a better job of communicating with each other. Take social media as an example, the University of New Mexico did a study on “User Experiences of Regret While Engaging with Social Media” which you can read more on here that really highlights how quickly we want to attack people and create problems. Without the real time feedback of interacting face to face, we say things we simply wouldn’t otherwise and later come to regret once we better process the interaction. But worse still, is that some are never learning that regret in the first place and this is getting more toxic for the world as days pass. This uncovers an entirely separate thread about us living behind ‘masks’ but lets leave it at this for today, it is 5am (for me) after all 😉

My overall point is that when interacting with people – be that with your family, friends or work colleagues – be aware of what you’re saying and consider if you’re helping to improve a situation and if people enjoy interacting with you or if you’re actually just spewing forth negativity and piling on problems. Every day isn’t perfect and it is ok to have problems, but it shouldn’t become what you are known for. If you do, it should not be surprising to realise that if you mostly bring problems to the table that you’ll be invited to the table a lot less.

Have a phenomenal day.

Task of the day: Write a thank you note to someone. ANYONE. Ideally on paper, but worst case an email or text.

Word of the day: Delight
Meaning: Please (someone) greatly. “an experience guaranteed to delight both young and old”